Curio Shop

9 08 2007

It was weird…when I tried buying an item that I hadn’t seen in the W-shop at the Curio Shop it said that the sale was over! And then I came back later and it had the same stuff and I tried to buy it again but it said the same thing. Has that happened to anybody???

So I got off webkinz and started exploring the internet, checking my email and all. Then I got on webkinz world on my mom’s account (we sort of share it…she barely gets on anyway…we have a black lab named Sophie and a Chocolate lab named Spader). I went to the Curio Shop and they had different stuff. So I bought the country bed




3 responses

11 08 2007

texasgirl, this has happened to me countless times, as well. the explanation is simple: you must check the KinzTime. If it is not the same as it should be, you need to log out and log back in until it is correct. good luck!

11 08 2007

ok thanx cheer

12 08 2007

? thats never happened to me. Yet.

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