Newest Webkinz Announced

5 08 2007

I’m sure that a lot of you know already about the Black Cat that’s coming out for Halloween and the Reindeer that will be coming out for Christmas. But I’ve heard news of a lot more. Here is a list of the new webkinz that I heard will be coming out:

Webkinz Duck

Webkinz Arabian Horse

Webkinz Charcoal Cat

Webkinz Collie (dog)

Webkinz German Shepherd (dog)

Webkinz Pinto Horse

Webkinz Yellow Lab

Webkinz Love Frog

Webkinz Peinguin

Webkinz Duckling (more commonly known as a chick)

(I know those for sure, and I saw on Yahoo Answers about these):

Webkinz Kangaroo

Webkinz Welsh Corgi

Webkinz Monarch Butterfly

Webkinz Harbor Seal

Webkinz Turtle

Lil’kinz Koala

Lil’kinz Google

And possibly a chimpanzee

I saw some pictures of the German Shepherd, Collie, Peinguin and Love Frog. They are sure to be adorable




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