31 10 2009

Hey there, its me Horselover1089, the most hated one on this website! Today is Halloween. If you are against animal testing, get rid of all your Mars candy. They test on animals! For me, I am not sure what to do with my Mars candy. I might get rid of it or i might keep it because last year 3-4 of my candy was Mars. I am gonna talk my mom into driving me into another city when our trick or treating hours are up 🙂



20 04 2009

Here’s a contest for yall Post a link to my site on any 2 sites and you’ll get an entry. This is to win a twister in a pot. Kinda small but it’s free! Just post your username and the two sites you posted my link on



While you’re at it there’s a great contest at a great blog: Gymbo’s!!!



19 04 2009

go to


27 03 2009

Its HORSELOVER1089!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol so anyway I got 2 new webkinz. The spotty Dinasour(Tyra) from Imagine That and the Artic Fox(Gemini) from Hallmark. I also got 2 pieces of Kinzstyle(some sweater vest and the kilt skirt). Sry I didnt post, my computer crashed and when it un-crashed i forgot i had to post so……….


Chat/Gymbo’s Blog

27 03 2009

Hey guys. I thought horselover would post something but I guess not. Anyway, here’ a new post for yall to just chat on. And when you’re done be sure to pop on over to Gymbo’s Blog at

Gymbo is very nice and almost always has a contest going on. There is usually always somebody on if you want to trade or just talk and everybody is very nice over there. Go on over!

Need Food

3 03 2009

For those of you who are friends with me on webkinz- I need food badly. I logged onto webkinz and all of my pets had zeroes for their health, happiness and hunger. The pet foods raise them the most but I can’t keep spending 100 kc on 4 food for one pet. I have over 75 webkinz! So please if you have the time send me some food. I need it badly!!!

My quiz

25 02 2009

Whoever Passes my quiz gets a cookie!